Electronic Cigarettes Can Be Used For Mental Health

In all the debate about electronic cigarettes and its health implications, one issue has not yet been commented: the impact of e-cigarettes on psychological health.

Research has shown that people with mental health problems are more likely to smoke tobacco cigarettes, are more likely to depend on nicotine and have considerable difficulty in quitting tobacco than those without mental health problems. A study conducted by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control in the United States found that people with mental health problems accounted for 31% of cigarettes smoked in the country.

Nicotine replacement therapies and e-cigarettes may be the solution to this problem. There are many “smoking cessation therapies” – chewing gum, patches, and sprays – that reduce the desire to smoke while allowing the smoker to avoid the adverse effects of smoking. Given the absence of tobacco and combustion, the vapor of the electronic cigarette lacks the carcinogens contained in smoke.

Professor Peter Hajek, director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit in Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, believes that electronic cigarettes are a promising development. He says: “We use some nicotine replacement therapies such as patches in patients, so considering e-cigarettes under the same perspective; it would make sense to use them too. Giving psychiatric patients access to e-cigarettes is in short something to consider “.

Types of electronic cigarettes

There are different types; in all the places where they sell electronic cigarettes in Chubut you will find them. This is a list of them:

-Mini: they are the ideal option if you are just trying them. They are very similar in size to a normal cigarette. There are two types: rechargeable and disposable. They are light and very easy to recharge. They are not very strong, so it is not recommended for those who smoke large amounts daily. They are known with e-cig.

eGo: they are the most popular option. They are a little bigger than the previous ones and they inhale much more steam. Its use is manual, that is, you must press a button to inhale the steam.

APVs or Mods: are recommended for specialized smokers and who have tried the other two models. With these cigarettes the triple vapor is inhaled. Their performance is much higher, they are much larger  the size of a cigar – but the battery lasts much longer.

Choosing the right electronic cigarette is of vital importance to have the best possible experience.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are incredible artifacts. There are many benefits, do you want to know? Below, you will find a list:

  • They are ideal for people who are quitting smoking or want to change this habit for a much healthier one. Electronic cigarettes let you know what amount of nicotine you are going to smoke, as well as do not have the dangerous effects of smoke to the environment.
  • They are lightweight, portable and easy to recharge. Unlike cigarette boxes that can be uncomfortable to carry or can easily be damaged.
  • They have pleasant smells and tastes, so, they are an excellent way to control anxiety. Similarly, you can opt for natural essences that do not have nicotine.
  • They do not give off strong aromas, nor are they impregnated in clothes. So, they are perfect for smoking at work, home, public places without causing problems around you or feel uncomfortable to be with an unpleasant smell on your clothes.

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